Checking In on the New Handbag Trends for Spring/Summer 2024

From the “descendants” of the iconic Jane Birkin bag to the trend of super-small bags, here are the summarized handbag trends that defined the fashion scene in Spring/Summer 2024.

The influence of the late Jane Birkin was vividly portrayed on the runways throughout the Spring/Summer 2024 fashion week. The distorted, cluttered, and whimsically adorned Birkin bag, inspired by Jane’s own, made appearances at Balenciaga with black leather bags embellished with charms and keys, at Bottega Veneta with oversized woven bags capable of holding a shirt, jeans, and a newspaper, and at Miu Miu with glossy leather bags paired with high heels seemingly about to fall off. Interwoven with the dominance of minimalist bags exuding “quiet-luxury,” the fashion runways also witnessed the vibrant presence of flashy and personality-packed designs.

At Prada, classic silk bags stood out with peculiarly engraved keychain charms. The debut of Sabato De Sarno at the creative kingdom of Gucci showcased a revamped classic Jackie bag adorned with a dazzling crystal mesh. Alongside the minimalist bags were larger-than-life designs featured at Victoria Beckham, The Row, Loewe, and more. The handbag trends for Spring/Summer 2024 promise to make a mark and potentially dominate the “It” Bag scene in the near future.

Misshapen Yet Chic Bags

Traditionally, luxury handbag designs were characterized by their glamour, shine, meticulous detailing, and often an empty structure (excluding linings and padding to maintain the bag’s shape). However, the Spring/Summer 2023 fashion weeks marked a shift in this trend, bringing to the forefront bags that we could easily spot on the streets, public buses, or in supermarkets. In a world grappling with numerous issues ranging from the environment to social challenges, fashion has responded with more practical answers. Everyday life is now being laid bare on the runways through the practical and aesthetically rich designs of renowned fashion houses.

Enter the “misshapen” bags, overloaded with an abundance of items inside, making a statement on the fashion runway. Throughout the Spring/Summer 2024 season, attention was drawn to Mulberry bags by Stefan Cooke adorned with charms, Bottega Veneta’s fan-shaped woven bags capable of carrying the “world,” and Givenchy’s bags heavily adorned with locks and jewelry. The fashion landscape is evolving towards designs that reflect the realities of daily life.

Beyond “Quiet-Luxury”: Bold and Dazzling Handbag Trends

The concept of “quiet-luxury” and the understated elegance associated with the lifestyles of aristocrats are no longer unfamiliar terms in the current fashion landscape. This trend has dominated the handbag collections throughout recent fashion seasons. Unlike before, the fashion world now focuses on celebrating handbag designs that boast clean lines, leave an impression with luxurious materials, exhibit top-notch craftsmanship, and consciously avoid flashy logos or details. The subdued yet elegant beauty still holds its place in the Spring/Summer 2024 collections. However, simultaneously, there is a notable emergence of handbag models from a completely contrasting aesthetic.

These bags are adorned with shiny crystals, glittering embellishments, and plenty of gold jewelry. At Schiaparelli, we see a dazzling white tote bag adorned with a gold wristwatch, a gold necklace, and an alluring gold bracelet. Additionally, there are standout party bags, exemplified by 16Arlington’s sequin bag resembling a stylish “peppermint leaf” designed exclusively for authentic “It” girls.

Gold Chains: A Timeless Accessory for All Bag Styles

To challenge the dominance of “quiet-luxury,” some fashion houses have transformed handbags into true jewelry pieces in a literal sense. Designers have turned handles into gold necklaces or silver bracelet chains. Loewe’s Squeeze bag makes a comeback with a new version featuring a stunning gold chain swaying gracefully on the handle. Meanwhile, Tom Ford, Givenchy, and Louis Vuitton are incorporating rigid metal into the body of the bags. Michael Kors brings a lively disco spirit to handbags with gold chain decorations reminiscent of the belts seen on the dance floor at Studio 54 in the 1970s.

Chic Envelopes for Fashion Enthusiasts

If the “organized chaos” of Miu Miu isn’t your style, then clutch bags inspired by the sleek envelope design from Givenchy, Tom Ford, and Max Mara might be the ideal suggestion. The size of these clutch bags is large enough for users to carry their essentials while remaining compact enough to exude an elegant and sophisticated appearance. Tom Ford pioneered the revival of clutch bags on the runway, and Peter Hawkings has demonstrated that when it comes to party attire, nothing is more luxurious than a slender clutch bag. Meanwhile, Schiaparelli has made hand-held bags more distinctive with its signature gold lock-shaped clasp. Balenciaga’s versatile “airplane ticket” bag is sure to become the darling of fashion enthusiasts who are bold, daring, and love to break boundaries.

Micro-Skirts Are Out, but Micro-Bags Still Rule

Despite criticism of the “uselessness” of mini bags, the Spring/Summer 2024 fashion season continues to revolve around ultra-small handbags, and this time, the sizes are even more daring. Fendi, Givenchy, Gucci, and Versace have each presented bags smaller than the smallest iPhone. Moreover, at Chanel, the fashion world was dazzled by the appearance of a wallet with a handle, so small that it can barely hold a British pound coin.

Oversized Bags Still in Vogue

The appearance of oversized bags throughout the Spring/Summer 2024 shows serves as a “challenge” in the battle for the spotlight against micro-bags. From Ferragamo, The Row, Prada to Victoria Beckham, the fashion world continuously admired these gigantic bags capable of holding “the world.” Despite their grandiose size, these special bags always impress with their unique silhouette and meticulously constructed structure. With their large dimensions, these oversized trendy bags have scored highly, taking advantage of premium materials and intricately depicted details.

Summer, the Season of Woven Bags

It’s not difficult to explain why woven bags become the “darlings” of the fashion world every time the Spring/Summer season arrives. In recent fashion weeks, they have remained a central theme that every fashion house is eager to discuss. From bags woven with dry grass, made of linen, tightly woven to those with intricate patterns, these woven bags come in various styles, materials, and a rich array of colors. They promise to make the upcoming vacation season for fashion enthusiasts more exquisite and vibrant than ever. If you are looking for a compact, elegant woven bag suitable for luxurious events, Tod’s and JW Anderson are perfect choices. Meanwhile, woven bags from Gabriela Hearst and Bottega Veneta will make your upcoming holidays exceptionally standout.

The More Bags, the Better!

If you are a fan of subtracting the ultra-small bags that lack much functionality, the Spring/Summer 2024 fashion season will untangle the confusion for you with the appearance of a series of highly practical bags with numerous attached small compartments. After a challenging period influenced by the pandemic, functionality and flexibility have become top priorities in fashion. That’s also one of the reasons why bags with multiple compartments are highly favored. This style of bag was showcased on the runways of Fendi, Simone Rocha, and 3.1 Phillip Lim. They are adorned with multiple detachable pouches, resembling a bag-in-bag design. On the other hand, Ferragamo and Max Mara bring a sleek and sophisticated look with large compartments secured with metal zippers.