Introduction to the New Fashion Season: Top Trending Colors for Spring – Summer 2024

The onset of a new fashion season is always a special time, signifying innovation and diversity in the world of style. From traditional pastel hues to bold cherry red, let’s take a closer look at the hottest color trends for Spring – Summer 2024.

Each fashion season brings forth pivotal shifts and new trends, ranging from sultry and elegant outfits to eclectic styles. The runway not only showcases clothing but also serves as a canvas for highlighting the upcoming color trends. While each collection has its unique differentiators in terms of color palettes, there are several noteworthy hues to pay attention to. Examples include subtle pastels and rich chocolate brown, emerging as leading color trends on the Spring-Summer 2024 runways.

Ash Gray

Continuing the trend of the groutfit that dominated winter wardrobes last year, Spring-Summer 2024 continues to favor the versatile ash gray. However, designers have infused creativity by combining this color with unconventional styles beyond the typical vest. Fendi, for instance, elevates ash gray with a sophisticated midi dress featuring a high neck and cinched waist, while other brands opt for unique cut-out designs. Gray proves to be a versatile color, easily adaptable to various fashion styles.

Royal Blue

While art often draws inspiration from the sea, fashion designers have chosen royal blue to convey the essence of Spring – Summer 2024. Exhibiting various shades, each brand expresses this regal hue uniquely. From Loewe to Burberry, the color royal blue takes center stage, reflecting a diverse interpretation of maritime influences.

The Color of Peaches and Plums

Designers have paid attention to this hue since Pantone declared it the Color of the Year for 2024, and now we finally witness this color in the spotlight on the runways. Whether Sportmax presents it in a uniquely shaped dress or Marni showcases a bold-hued, flowing maxi dress, the color reflects a vibrant and daring spirit.

The Spring-Summer 2024 fashion season promises a kaleidoscope of colors, embracing both classic and bold choices. As we embark on this fashion journey, let these trending colors guide and inspire your style, adding a fresh and dynamic touch to your wardrobe.

Fifty Shades of Green

The various shades of green always make a vivid appearance on the runways during this fashion month, as brands utilize this color in both color-blocked moments and monochromatic ensembles. For instance, Ferragamo opts for a classic, elongated pantsuit in a deep green hue from top to bottom, while at Balmain, we see a vibrant shade of leafy green present in a vest design paired with a striking pink dress.

Dark Cherry Red

Dark red, with its glossy and sensual allure, remains a sought-after color on the fashion runways. Gucci continues to embrace a seductive style with a bra top paired with a high-slit pencil skirt. However, Miu Miu takes a more traditionally feminine approach, exhibiting a somewhat modest, ankle-length midi dress.

The Metallic Craze

Metallic hues are seen across various runways, from the shiny silver of Alexander McQueen to the sensually liquid gold of Ralph Lauren. Metallic colors are often used as finishing touches, but designers have maximized the color trend by incorporating it everywhere, finding a balance between boldness and sophistication this season.

Navy Blue

On the opposite side of the color spectrum from green is navy blue – a serene shade favored in the upcoming spring but versatile enough to wear year-round. Navy blue is interpreted in various forms, from knits as seen in Fendi’s collection to lighter garments with fluid motion, exemplified by Prada. It’s a fitting color to add to your wardrobe without being too flashy or dull, especially suitable for those who pursue a minimalist and sophisticated style.

Light Yellow

Alongside navy blue, pastel yellow is the next pastel tone illuminating the runway. Light yellow appears in collections by Loewe, Louis Vuitton, Loro Piana, and many others, prevalent in silk fabrics and softer designs.

Lavender Purple

An upbeat change based on the richness of the characteristic purple, lavender purple (or lilac) is making a comeback for the upcoming spring and summer. Coach fully exploits this color with a youthful short dress, perfect for a night out. On the other hand, Rabanne takes inspiration from modern gladiators with a mesh head covering and lavender-colored pants. Versatile across different forms and aesthetics, lavender is an ideal color to invest in for the upcoming seasons.


White is a classic color that never fades away and designers have unreservedly incorporated it into their collections this season. Instead of using cream or off-white tones, brands have shifted towards the traditional white often seen in weddings. Dior and Tory Burch both redefine the romantic and pure nature of white.

Chocolate Brown

In contrast to many soft hues commonly seen on the Spring/Summer 2024 runways, chocolate brown has claimed prominence this season with brands like Loewe, Hermes, Saint Laurent, and Tom Ford. Chocolate brown is the perfect color for monochromatic trends and can be applied to various garments or materials, whether it’s trousers, leather items, or blazer jackets.

Pink and Sweet Shades

There’s no doubt that pink is a hot trend right now, thanks to the Barbie movie. While the Barbie pink may not be explicitly present on this season’s runways, certain shades of pink still take the spotlight. Bottega Veneta opts for a muted pink paired with a voluminous midi dress, while Chanel goes for something a bit brighter yet still delicate in a long-tailed tweed dress, and Prada presents a sweet and fluffy pink creation reminiscent of a cloud.