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Ghibli Studio and the Enchanting Palette in Fashio

From hand-drawn animated scenes, the colors and symbols of Ghibli Studio come to life in the real world, even more vibrant and soothing than what we see on the screen. This December, Ghibli Studio’s latest film, “Earwig and the Witch,” will be released in Vietnam. One significant factor that has endeared the Japanese animation brand

Is Fashion Trend Still Relevant?

Over the past decade, the fashion industry has undergone a transformation as trends are no longer exclusively dictated by high-end fashion houses. Many social media users have taken the reins, even creating trends themselves. Meanwhile, the emphasis has shifted towards developing personal style rather than adhering to the trends dictated by the younger generation. This

Why is the world’s new “fashion capital” in Africa

We often think of Africa as a hot and arid continent. However, this land is on the brink of becoming the new focal point for global fashion. Let’s unravel this curious phenomenon. In late October 2023, UNESCO announced that Africa is emerging as a new leader in the global fashion scene. The African fashion industry