Ghibli Studio and the Enchanting Palette in Fashio

Ghibli Studio and the Enchanting Palette in Fashio

From hand-drawn animated scenes, the colors and symbols of Ghibli Studio come to life in the real world, even more vibrant and soothing than what we see on the screen.

This December, Ghibli Studio’s latest film, “Earwig and the Witch,” will be released in Vietnam. One significant factor that has endeared the Japanese animation brand to a broad audience beyond its loyal fanbase is the visually stunning animation. The hallmark of Studio Ghibli lies not only in the fact that most scenes are hand-drawn but also in the captivating color palettes that stimulate both vision and emotions.

The Skillful Application of Color

Ghibli Studio’s color palette consistently brings “aesthetic satisfaction” to the viewers. The central theme that Studio Ghibli consistently explores, the relationship between humans and nature, is portrayed with sophistication through colors such as sky blue, green, and traditional Japanese red. However, Ghibli adjusts these colors in terms of saturation, brightness, and intensity to achieve a very soft, gentle, yet vibrant feel.

The adorable color palette of the movie Ponyo | Source: Pinterest
The adorable color palette of the movie Ponyo | Source: Pinterest

In Ponyo, the costumes of the main characters feature warm colors like yellow and pink, contrasting with the cool blue hues of the sea and sky. This film is one of the clearest demonstrations of Ghibli’s adeptness at combining bright and vivid colors.

A vibrant Spring-Summer color palette in the movie Spirited Away | Source: Pinterest

Chihiro’s adventure in Spirited Away involves a series of mystical encounters, creating a magical and mysterious backdrop. To establish this enchanted atmosphere, the artists chose to combine contrasting muted colors. The scene where Chihiro sits on the train next to No-Face, the heavy and oppressive atmosphere inside the train is depicted with dark reds and blacks, yet the outside scenery of the sky and water is presented with gentle and soothing shades of green and blue.

Colors that convey emotions and easily evoke empathy from viewers | Source: Pinterest

It’s challenging to discuss the captivating visuals of Studio Ghibli without mentioning Michiyo Yasuda, the head of the color design team behind the renowned works mentioned above. She once shared, “Colors carry meanings; they help convey the message of the film more easily.”

Numerous studies have indicated that certain colors impact the release of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays a role in forming various emotions. For instance, warm colors like red, yellow, and orange can evoke feelings of happiness, positivity, and excitement. Conversely, cool colors like sky blue, green, or purple can create a sense of exhilaration and relaxation, contributing to a cheerful mood.

However, when adjusting the intensity, these colors can elicit entirely different emotions. The red and yellow hues in Princess Mononoke evoke a sense of fervor, determination, and strength as Princess San battles in a sea of flames to protect the forest where she lives. In Howl’s Moving Castle, a range of sky blue tones is used to depict Howl’s wounds and the heavy, ominous nature of his psyche.

How Fashion Brands Collaborate with Ghibli

Ghibli’s tremendous success in the realm of animated filmmaking has opened countless doors for the studio in various industries, with fashion being a notable example. The three successful collaborations with Loewe stand as a testament to Ghibli’s credibility. Over three consecutive years, the Japanese animation studio incorporated iconic works—My Friend Totoro (2021), Spirited Away (2022), and Howl’s Moving Castle (2023)—into collaborative collections with Loewe. More than a purely commercial venture, Loewe aimed to use these collections as a means of paying tribute to the extensive legacy of the Japanese film studio.

Loewe collaborates with Studio Ghibli, drawing inspiration from the movie Howl’s Moving Castle | Source: Nylon Singapore

Details such as embroidered or embossed characters on clothing and accessories are meticulously handcrafted, reminiscent of Ghibli’s traditional hand-drawn artwork. “Unleashing the power of craft now plays the role of a bridge between the old and the new, which is the creative approach that Loewe proudly shares,” remarked Jonathan Anderson, the brand’s creative director, during a press conference.

The Faceless (No-Face) prominently featured on fashionable bags | Source: Augustman

In this year’s Howl’s Moving Castle collection, the bag inspired by Howl’s mobile castle is particularly intriguing. The accessory is “patched” together from remnants left during the bag’s production, resulting in a unique, handcrafted bag structure assembled with hooks and luxurious leather.

Beyond the Spanish brand Loewe, Ghibli has also made a mark by collaborating with the renowned fellow Japanese brand UNIQLO. This collaboration focuses on highly practical and accessible items for the general public, including shirts, T-shirts with printed designs, and more. Levi and Studio Ghibli also joined forces to launch a denim collection inspired by the film Princess Mononoke, featuring clothing with environmentally themed messages in line with the anime’s exploration of environmental issues.

From Film to Wardrobe

Integrating the color palette of Studio Ghibli into personal fashion can start by identifying the dominant colors. Choose hues that frequently appear in emotionally evocative scenes, such as vibrant green, intense red, and gentle pastels. These colors will form the foundation of your wardrobe. Shirts, dresses, jeans, and jackets can serve as the canvas for your creative color expression. Remember that the goal is to create harmony and interest in color combinations.

A YouTuber guides on dressing in Studio Ghibli-inspired outfits | Source: YouTube

Don’t hesitate to use accessories to make your outfits unique. Hats, bags, shoes, and belts can be excellent focal points to add color and create an interesting style. If you’re a Studio Ghibli fan, look for clothing featuring images or symbols of your favorite characters from their films. This not only expresses your passion but also makes your fashion style stand out.

Lastly, express your creative freedom and experiment in your own way. Creating a personal fashion style is a unique and personal journey. Your creativity will help establish a fashion style that truly reflects your individuality, drawing inspiration from the rich and colorful world of Studio Ghibli.

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