“Catwalk in Bed” or Sleepwear as Body Empowerment

“Catwalk in Bed” or Sleepwear as Body Empowerment

Bedroom attire isn’t just about adding an emotional spark; it goes beyond, providing confidence to the wearer.

Fashion in bed determines a lot about your emotions | Source: GQ

The common misconception is that when it comes to intimacy, clothing is unnecessary. Indeed, sexual encounters are often portrayed through images and literature as undressing and revealing. However, intimacy isn’t confined to a specific set of garments or actions.

Wearing clothes during intimate moments may seem counterintuitive at first glance, but it was a commonplace practice in the past. In medieval Europe, wearing clothes during intimate moments not only provided warmth but also added a layer of privacy for couples. This was particularly relevant when heating appliances were yet to be invented, and multi-generational affluent families often shared living spaces and bedrooms with a common heating source.

Today, many individuals embrace romanticism, paving the way for nights filled with cuddling, skin-to-skin contact, or simply relaxing with a Netflix and chill (taken quite literally). For them, factors that truly evoke emotions include scents, ambiance, lighting, and, of course, the attire worn to bed.

 How Does “Bedroom Clothing” Look?

Designer Antonio Berardi notes, “Sex and fashion will always go hand in hand.” Over time, intimacy has evolved from a physical need to a celebration of emotional connection between partners.

In reality, the spice in intimacy often comes from external elements, such as using “toys” to change the ambiance, incorporating food and beverages, and more. Among these, visual and tactile impressions are most strongly influenced by lingerie or themed outfits designed specifically for intimate moments.

Sex is not just about… taking off clothes | Source: Homeism

When we talk about alluring bedroom outfits, it’s impossible not to mention Victoria’s Secret (VS). Despite entering the lingerie market later than its counterparts, VS’s sleepwear line is meticulously curated, featuring sensual and elegant designs that appeal to every woman.

American Apparel is one of the most famous names in the realm of “revealing fashion.” From designs to provocative photo shoots, the brand has been consistently bold in normalizing bedroom fashion.

Fashion is increasingly adding spice to the story of sexual relationships | Source: The Cut

Rihanna expanded her fashion empire with Savage x Fenty, focusing on lingerie, sleepwear, and loungewear that make you feel sexy and confident. The brand name itself speaks volumes, and Bedtime Flirt elegantly seduces through fashion, turning the bedroom into a runway for anyone wearing their garments.

In 2022, renowned fashion houses like Dolce & Gabbana, Miu Miu, and Burberry brought high-end collections inspired by “decadence” or the “seductive spirit after the pandemic.” Boldly cut designs, super-short skirts, and daring openings perfectly depict the image of a “sensuous woman.” This is a declaration of allure from the adult community, overturning preconceived notions about sex and even mundane sleepwear, expressing confidence in one’s body and sending suggestive messages without the need for words.

Sleepwear is no longer boring but can truly help you ‘catwalk’ in bed | Source: Elle

Bedroom Fashion: A Powerful Impact on Emotions

Sexuality educator Cassandra Corrado emphasizes, “In intimacy, clothing isn’t just about outfits ‘worn to be easily taken off,’ but it can also evoke emotions and provide hints about the ‘secrets’ about to unfold.”

Do you recall the feeling of being close to your partner for the first time? Spending hours just hugging, rubbing, and intimately indulging in each other, with clothes still intact?

A beautiful sleepwear set can even evoke more emotions than both being naked | Source: Vogue

On the Quora forum, a thought-provoking question was raised: “Why wear lingerie only to take it off?” Here are some of the best-voted responses.

User Terry Nelson shares, “The feeling of undressing is like unwrapping a Christmas gift to receive the reward you’ve been anticipating… I love when women wear provocative and soft lingerie… I enjoy slowly undressing layer by layer until only a small pair of panties remains.”

User Nika, as a woman, feels incredibly comfortable with her sensuality and femininity. She wears lingerie to “tease” her partner because it genuinely excites them.

Meanwhile, some people have unusual fetishes with clothing. Their arousal comes when they see their partner in a specific outfit they adore. Some individuals are only interested in sexual relations when their partner is wearing particular garments. Hence, costumes like nurse uniforms, explorers, or catwomen have become some iconic images for bedroom attire.

 Overcoming Body Insecurities

Fashion in the bedroom remains an intimate connection between the wearer and the garment. You don’t wear them just for others to admire or compliment; you wear them because they make you feel comfortable, confident, and attractive.

Not everyone has a conventionally beautiful body that one might feel comfortable displaying for others. Body insecurities can lead to sexual complications in many relationships. Some couples even argue about whether to keep the lights on or off, with deep-rooted issues stemming from body confidence.

Choosing specific sleepwear is a way for women (and even men) to feel more confident about their appearance, and comfort returns. Cosmopolitan once featured a woman who wore different types of lingerie for seven days to enhance her sexual experience.

Beautiful sleepwear not only makes you comfortable but also brings a more confident feeling to your sex life | Source: Vogue

The experience was described as fantastic, with body flaws almost entirely forgotten. The soft texture of silk or the alluring feel of lace can create a visual effect to make those not confident about their bodies feel more at ease.

Moreover, sleepwear provides soothing sensations and positive emotions for the mind. On Healthline, a woman shared her post-breakup story, stating that she changed all her lingerie to more daring and sexy designs. This experience was described as “feeling wonderful about my appearance. It’s a powerful feeling.”

Bold Bedroom Fashion Ideas for a Daring Night

1. Sheer Elegance

Opt for garments made from translucent materials like lace, mesh, or delicate chiffon. These choices provide an enticing allure while maintaining an air of modesty.

Lace fabric, translucent material brings a more attractive feeling to the wearer | Source: VS

2. Unique Lingerie Styles

Ditch the mundane and elevate your lingerie game. Choose lacey panties that showcase your curves, crotchless panties for easy access, or even dare to “forget” your lingerie at home for an added touch of boldness.

3. Material that Stimulates

Select outfits with materials or details designed to heighten sensations. Silk or satin evoke a soft, smooth feel, while super short velvet shorts bring together a blend of tenderness and fierceness.

The softness increases the emotions during sexual intercourse | Source: Forbes

4. Foot Fetish

Pay attention to your feet by rocking high socks, sheer black stockings, or fishnet socks. Scientifically proven, warm feet contribute to an easier attainment of pleasure for women.

5. Colorful Seduction

If planning for a passionate bath, bravely go for white. As you stand under the shower or soak in the tub, your body will appear translucent, adding an extra layer of sensuality to the experience.

Red is also a wonderful color for intimate dates. It is the color representing allure, passion, and romance. | Source: Savage

These fashion tips not only enhance the allure in the bedroom but also serve as a means for women to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. Give these ideas a try and embark on exciting new adventures in the realm of intimacy!

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