Crescent moon and opal threader earrings


Crescent moon and opal threader earrings


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Handmade item
Gemstone: Opal
Location: Earlobe
Closure: Threader
Length: 72 Millimeters

Elegant and Versatile Gold Threader Earrings

These exquisite earrings are a blend of elegance and versatility, gracefully cascading from the earlobe in a beautiful golden line. You can easily adjust their length by pulling the chain through your ear. These threader earrings measure a graceful 72mm in length and feature a charming gold moon charm hanging from one end of the chain.

Threader earrings come with wire ends, simplifying the process of threading the chain through any pierced hole in your ear. This feature adds an element of playfulness, allowing you to wear them in various ways, shifting from one pierced hole to another. Their adaptability is what makes them so beloved.

Meticulously crafted, these earrings are hypoallergenic and lightweight, making them ideal for daily wear.

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Rest assured that your earrings will be thoughtfully packaged, wrapped in bubble wrap, carefully enclosed in a hand-stamped kraft jewelry box, and shipped via USPS.


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