Dainty opal layering necklace


Dainty opal layering necklace


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Labradorite, a gem known for its captivating bursts of color, takes center stage in this exquisite product. We guarantee that each stone we send possesses a wealth of fiery hues and distinctive character.

Furthermore, we offer alternative gemstone options for this necklace, as showcased in the product images below and detailed in the list provided:

  • Labradorite: A transformative stone associated with chakra cleansing, spiritual healing, and heightened intuition.
  • Pink Opal: A gem of love, linked to the heart chakra, capable of healing emotional wounds and dispelling fears.
  • Moonstone: A stone of fresh beginnings that brings solace to emotional turbulence, nurtures inspiration, and cultivates success in business.
  • Dendrite Opal: A symbol of hope, this stone is aligned with altering one’s luck and discovering/expressing inner truth.
  • Chrysoprase: A beacon of truth, this gem channels universal energy inward, enhances meditative states, and balances yin/yang energies.
  • Emerald: A potent guardian, exuding spiritual protection, love, and wisdom, symbolizing the goddess Venus.
  • Amazonite: A gem of emotional stability and serenity, believed to bring luck and good fortune.

This necklace is crafted with a 14K gold fill chain and clasp, while the gemstones are securely set in natural brass. Notably, this item is free from any plated materials, ensuring its quality and longevity.

The gemstone is delicately connected on either side to a dainty yet robust, shimmering cable chain that glistens in the light. Additionally, this product is nickel-free, making it suitable for all wearers, even those with metal sensitivities.

The model showcases a 16″ length, but you have the option to select between 16-20″ from the dropdown menu provided.

Your jewelry will arrive elegantly packaged in a gift box, complete with a protective storage bag and a polishing cloth to ensure that you can cherish and care for it for years to come.

<><><> An Important Note on Our Natural Gemstones & Pearls <><><>

All stones and pearls used in our designs are entirely natural. The images in the item descriptions provide a fair representation of the stones and pearls you will receive; however, please note that they are not resin-filled, color-treated, or lab-created. Therefore, no two stones will be entirely identical, both to each other and to the listing photos. Raw gems and crystals, in particular, may exhibit slight variations in color, surface texture, and shape, which is entirely normal and should not be considered defects. Keep in mind that the lighting in our photos may differ from the lighting in your home, affecting color appearance. Rest assured that we meticulously select the finest stones and pearls for your jewelry, sending nothing less than what we would be proud to wear or gift.

If you ever find yourself dissatisfied with the color or overall appearance of a stone or pearl we have provided, kindly contact us before leaving feedback. We are always eager to arrange a return or exchange for your satisfaction.

For Your Peace of Mind:

**** Our silver jewelry is meticulously crafted with .925 sterling silver wire, chain, and clasps.


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