Gumnut and gum leaf pendant – solid sterling silver


Gumnut and gum leaf pendant – solid sterling silver


Gumnut and gum leaf pendant – solid sterling silver



This handmade Gum-nut and Gum Leaf Pendant, a lovely piece of Australian art, is crafted from solid sterling silver. Delivered from a small business in Australia, it’s available with optional sterling silver chains, offering various lengths and styles, including cable and snake chains.

Key Details:

  • Materials: Silver
  • Chain Style: Cable
  • Necklace Length: 18 Inches


The Gum-nut and Gum Leaf Pendant consists of two separate pieces that can be worn together or separately. The solid sterling silver pendants come with quite large bales for a distinctive look.

Chain Options:

  1. Pendants alone (with large bales)
  2. 45cm (18 inch) cable chain
  3. 55 cm cable chain (includes gift box)
  4. 45cm (18 inch) snake chain
  5. 50 cm snake chain (heavier than 45cm)
  • Looks best with a snake chain
  • Gift box included with 55cm cable and snake chains
  • Box available separately for 45cm cable chain ($3), standard gift wrapping included.

Pendant Sizes:

  • Gum Leaf Pendant: 36mm
  • Gumnut Pendant: 18mm

Matching Accessories

Also available with matching earrings (2 sizes) and a smaller one-piece pendant, making it a great Aussie gift.

Celebrate Australian artistry with this unique and versatile Gum-nut and Gum Leaf Pendant.


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