Trinity Knot Earrings


Trinity Knot Earrings


Trinity Knot Earrings | Sterling Silver Celtic Earrings | Celtic Drop Earrings | Irish Silver Jewelry | Designed and Made in Ireland



Key Features:

  1. Celtic Trinity Knot Design: These earrings showcase the timeless Celtic Trinity Knot, a pattern of interlaced unbroken lines symbolizing faith, love, unity, protection against evil, and the concepts of infinity and eternity.
  2. Recycled Silver: Crafted with sustainability in mind, these earrings are made from recycled sterling silver. Embrace eco-friendly fashion while indulging in meaningful Celtic design.
  3. Dimensions: With a length of 30mm, width of 15mm, and a depth of 1mm, these earrings strike a harmonious balance between size and intricate detailing. The dimensions enhance the visibility of the Celtic Trinity Knot design without compromising on wearability.
  4. Versatile Closure: The earrings feature a classic ear wire closure, ensuring easy wear and removal while maintaining a secure fit on the earlobe.
  5. Gift-Ready Packaging: These Celtic Trinity Knot Earrings come with the option of gift wrapping, making them an ideal choice for special occasions or thoughtful gifts.


  • Materials: Recycled Sterling Silver
  • Style: Celtic Trinity Knot
  • Dimensions: Length 30mm x Width 15mm x Depth 1mm
  • Closure: Ear Wire
  • Gift Wrapping: Available

Symbolic Meaning: The Celtic Trinity Knot, with its intertwining lines, carries deep symbolism and cultural significance. Embrace the rich heritage and spiritual meaning associated with this timeless design.

Whether as a personal accessory or a meaningful gift, these Sterling Silver Celtic Trinity Knot Earrings combine elegance with cultural significance, creating a piece that stands the test of time.


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