Chasing Trends: Does it Add to Your Charisma?

Chasing Trends: Does it Add to Your Charisma?

Jennie Kim’s recent appearance at Paris Fashion Week on March 7th had a touch of uniqueness. The 27-year-old artist stepped out of her vehicle with a bandage over her eye, supposedly a remnant of an injury during her training. Surprisingly, this ordinary bandage not only failed to cool down Jennie’s “hotness” but quickly turned into a youth-favored beauty trend. From TikTok to Facebook Reels, videos featuring eye bandage aesthetics flooded social media platforms.

Source: Vogue

The Power of Charisma

The question arises: What did Jennie Kim do to turn a commonplace eye bandage into a sought-after “accessory”? The answer lies in the power of something not everyone possesses: charisma. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, charisma is defined as “a special power that some people have naturally that makes them able to influence others and attract their attention and admiration.”

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

For example, Rihanna’s recent halftime show performance vividly showcased the charisma and radiance she brings. Clad in attire with minimal exposure, she was hailed as “slaying” and shining like a diamond, echoing her hit song “Diamonds.” Or consider the slow-motion catwalk moment of Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, or the image of Bella Hadid strolling the streets in a cardigan and bare chest. Those with charisma have the Midas touch, turning the most ordinary actions into “gold” and creating an ASMR-like sensation for viewers.

Source: Vogue

However, charisma, when placed in a modern context, should be understood as an inherent quality that undergoes refinement to elevate it to a new level. And charisma is not exclusive to celebrities. In the beauty industry, everyone admires French girls for their “effortless beauty.” Yet, few know that their beauty is not entirely natural but rather a learned and educated process in the arts from an early age. The essence of this process is to help an individual grow up without the burden of appearing beautiful. Charisma is a quality absorbed, honed, and requires time.

Source: WWD

When someone with charisma does something, it is highly likely to become a trend. However, trends have a contrasting life. You may also confuse following trends with having charisma. Moreover, “riding” trends can jeopardize our uniqueness.

Chasing Trends: How Does it Relate to Charisma?

When discussing charisma and fashion trends, it’s crucial to clarify their nature. In the book “The Luxury Strategy,” author Jean-Noël Kapferer highlights the distinction between luxury and fashion. The most significant difference lies in the fact that fashion is for the satisfaction of the masses, seasonal, here today and gone tomorrow. Luxury, on the other hand, represents long-lasting value, uniqueness, and nurtures the satisfaction of an individual.

Source: Elle

In this context, charisma resembles something “luxurious” as it is intrinsic and leaves a personal imprint. While many may perceive luxury as extravagant, its true essence lies in craftsmanship, the quiet dedication to creating exquisite artistry, refined over decades for the skills of a craft. Similar to how one refines charisma in silence.

Source: BOF

For those who already possess charisma, following trends or setting them doesn’t diminish their glow. However, for those in the process of cultivating their inner qualities, incessantly chasing trends may lead to distraction and hinder the nurturing of what lies within.

The world can be divided into two fronts. On one side, there are those chasing trends every minute. On the other side, there’s love for the “authentic” individuality, living at a moderate pace, perhaps even “slow-living.” However, these two aren’t necessarily contradictory; they can harmoniously coexist. As long as we earnestly cultivate and build charisma, regardless of the trend experience, our distinctive traits will always shine through.

An Objective Look at Charisma

Like any other aspect, charisma also has aspects that need careful consideration.

From the audience or community members’ perspective, people are often drawn to someone’s allure. Fast Company, discussing the charisma of candidates in elections, suggests that it’s time to stop talking about the appeal of politicians. Attraction makes people focus on the appearance or unrelated aspects of their personality rather than ethical considerations, qualifications, or policy proposals. Echoing this sentiment, the Harvard Business Review argues that a person’s charisma or aura diminishes others’ judgment.

Illustrating this point is the revelation of the dark side of stars, such as the case of Chinese superstar Kris Wu. Another example is the case of Anna Sorokin, the main character in the documentary “Inventing Anna.” This is a classic example of learning and honing charisma, infiltrating and manipulating the upper class for deception.

Inventing Anna. Julia Garner as Anna Delvery in episode 102 of Inventing Anna. Cr. David Giesbrecht/Netflix © 2021

On a personal level, refining charisma is necessary but should be done wisely. We are easily overshadowed and carried away by other glittering things. According to Healthline, when refining charisma, it’s crucial to be yourself, even if it means avoiding crowded events and opting for smaller, more intimate gatherings. Charisma cannot develop without authenticity.

In the end, learning about charisma doesn’t necessarily lead us to a glamorous, praised life. It is a self-upgrading process through knowledge, expanding our thinking. This refinement doesn’t need to be noisy because a person with charisma will always “shine” regardless of the circumstances.

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