Photo Locket Necklace


Photo Locket Necklace


Photo Locket Necklace, Folding Locket with Pictures, Memorial Necklace, Customized Engraved Necklace, Heart Locket, Personalised Gift, F&F



Handcrafted Item
Materials: Brass
Can Be Personalized
Locket Width: 22 Millimeters; Locket Height: 22 Millimeters
Made to Order
Gift Wrapping Available

This exquisitely designed personalized photo locket boasts a heart shape that unfolds to reveal space for four distinct photographs, going beyond the conventional two! We offer professional etching of your chosen photographs inside the locket, creating a special and uniquely personalized gift.

The locket is crafted from solid brass, and the delicate chain and clasps are made of gold-plated brass.

When securely clasped, the pendant is a versatile size, suitable for both short and long wear. Refer to our illustration for a better understanding of how the various length options would appear when worn.

We also provide the option of professionally engraving the back of your locket with a name or initials of your choice, available in five elegant fonts. This locket can accommodate a maximum of four words.


We offer the opportunity to personalize this locket using a carefully designed technique to transfer your photographs onto the metal of the pendant itself, creating a soft and unique vintage effect. Portions of your image blend with the golden brass background, resulting in a beautiful, unusual, and ethereal appearance.

You can choose photographs, messages of your choice, or a combination of both. Each heart section can accommodate a maximum of 6 words.


After checkout, simply use Etsy Convos to send us your chosen images in the best resolution you have, and we’ll take care of the rest! In terms of picture quality, most photos taken on smartphones will work perfectly fine.

Tips for Choosing a Good Photo:
♡ Consider the shape of the locket and how your photo fits into that shape.
♡ Some background (not necessarily a lot!) is helpful, as it might be challenging to work with closely cropped photos.
♡ Very pale, ‘washed out,’ or overexposed images may not work as well.
♡ Remember to send FOUR images (or pieces of text, with a maximum of 6 words).


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